Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Chicken Rice a la Melayu.
Enjoyed a plate of RM3.80 chicken rice cooked in a Malay style which was utterly mouthwatering. The spicy chilli spread thoroughly all over the chicken with some sliced veggies and a cup of iced Nescafe. 

Big thumbs up to both Ms. Jehan and her husband for the treat.

A day that was filled with words. Synonyms. Antonyms. Neverending phrases and wrecking of the brains as I attempted to write an article together with my supervisor. As we were scrolling through the words that were in the previous rounds of the Spell It Right Challenge run by N.S.T. I felt my brain cells slowly begin to explode one by one. I practically didn't know what any of the words meant, what more how to SPELL them.

I am an onychophagist
[a person who likes to nibble at their nails]
almost died of laughter after realising what it meant.

Presenting my supervisor, Ms. Jehan who has made my past two days of work an unforgettable experience. Who taught me how the ropes worked around there. Got my own little "reporter notebook" while I was at it. A little yellow notepad which somehow made me feel important all of a sudden.

Only 3 days left at New Straits Times!

Met up with little miss Chia Sing who left me waiting at the bus stop for a donkey 20 minutes when she lived 5 minutes away. She actually fell asleep waiting for my text to arrive. If I didn't call her I'd probably have made friends with the guard already. Hopped into her flaming red Myvi and zoomed towards Sunway!

Picked up Mr. Emo Kah Tsin and continued to make total fools of ourselves in the car while he stared outside the window wishing he hadn't entered in the first place. After spending a century finding parking, we spent another century staring at the food directory using all kinds of methods to determine where to fill our stomachs.

Even hopped out of one of the restaurants after our eyes dried up into little pulps at the prices.

Didn't think I'd get the chance to even meet up with him but bumped into him and dragged him along to sit at our dinner table (kudos to Kah Tsin and his eagle eyes) 
Got to catch up a little and looks like everyone grew taller while I was away dang it.

Headed to Snowflakes and even made a new friend Guo Unn, whose name I find extremely annoying to pronounce. Firstly I thought it was "go on" Yeah I may be Chinese but man my pronunciation can 

Funnily we had loads in common that it's freaky.

Oh another freaky random statement I just realised.
I've officially had a meal with all my ex boyfriends.
let me laugh okay let me laugh.
Don't worry, I'm close to all of them weirdly :)

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