Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pasar Malam!!

Adrienne with similar clothing together with me at church earlier :) Can you believe that she's 24 years old? I look older than her but I'm actually 7 years younger than her. Had a great time at church today, Kenny came today and was able to hang out with JoBen alot as well. 

Managed to catch the awesome oyster mee sua at Shihlin Taiwan Street which melted in my mouth oh so good! Thanks to Daniel for sending me to my Dad's place after

As I was in the neighbourhood Ken-Ji and Justina called me out for dinner and we shared some awesome asam laksa and Kenj even paid for drinks. 

AIR MATA KUCING! (literally translates to cats tears)
So awesomely refreshing although it looks nothing like its taste.

There was the pasar malam or known as the night market where tons of mini little stalls would be set up selling all kinds of knick knacks ranging from fruits, snacks, wallets, clothes, accessories, household items and all kinds of unknowns. 

The accessories like earrings, hair pins, bracelets were all like easily 4 for RM10 which if converted to euro terms would mean 2 euros for 4 pairs of earrings? Yeah sums up to something like that. 

So yeah for the entire week I'll be staying in PJ with my dad which will be cool as we get to hang out and also  I'll get the opportunity to bond with my friends who live in this area WOOHOO!

And finally I have a webcam and mic :) 
Had fun skyping with Cody. I looked like some burnt human thanks to the webcam.

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