Saturday, 9 July 2011

Relationships and sex-posed :)

On Thursday night hung out with Chia Sing, William and Wei Hong at the SS2 night market which included a lot of shopping for knick knacks, random snack stops at almost every store and maybe a little loud screams here at there, gasps and..much more :) 

Finally got the opportunity to buy 1kg worth of mangosteens! One of the best fruits ever. Only problem was a few of them looked awesome on the outside but had gone a yellow-pus colour on the inside which just got thrown in the bin. Sigh.

On Friday, it was my last day working at New Straits Times. Five days worth of experience and it was definitely a memorable one. I handed in my own story which will appear in two weeks time! I was even photographed for photos to be placed in my article.

Credits : Amran B. Hamid

Had my final lunch gathering with the education section at Mahbub's. Their briyani ayam madu (honey chicken with rice) was superb together with the acar (pickled cucumbers) downed with a hot cuppa Malaysian oh-so-awesome teh tarik (pulled tea?)

Friday night it was 
Week #4 - Relationship status.
 An entire bunch of teenagers braved the crazy immovable jams to get to church despite the roadblocks. A big thank you to all the people who even DROVE them over. I heard that some even walked from their houses that weren't exactly nearby. Thank goodness little cups of pasta and nuggets on sticks were waiting for us.

This weeks social experiment was all about the battle of the sexes!
Denise represented the girls while Eugene, the guys.

TASK : hold your breath underwater for the longest time possible

So both of them submerged their heads into a giant bowl of water and....
It ended with Eugene whacking the table so much till he eventually gave up ! 

Amanda along with Eugene were the emcees of the day. It was time for epic! Two boys and two girls were asked to volunteer and come up on stage. It came down to another test of genders as both teams began to know what it felt to be the opposite sex for a split second.

Each pair was required to complete a task in ONE minute.
Person A - has to tie a tie around the Person B's neck while...
Person B - has to put on eyeliner for Person A!?

Guys panicked as they were worried of poking each others eyeballs out while the girls were clueless in how a tie was supposed to be tied!

But well, the guys really had to face it
Girls are just better at everything 
(gloats) and well they seem to have done a better job than the guys..The eyeliner..or GUYliner looked like he just did some cheek army paint. The eyeliner wasn't even near the eye!

Pr Kenneth had his Chin Up Talk Show together with wife, Pr Sandra as they interviewed Dr Jill & Jack about how their journey took them to where they are today, married. Eugene, 16 years old, was too interviewed about how single life can be not miserable and desperate, but really enjoyable and happy.
Cammie, 17 years old, shared about her past experience on how her heart was broken but yet God came into the rescue with UHU Glue and staples and sewed it back together and changed her point of view.

I saw a familiar face in the crowd and then I realised
Another person I managed to see before I leave ! Which I realise is actually..pretty soon.
I have 9 days left? Like wow. Time flies. REALLY. The past five weeks felt like it's actually just one.

Raemun the little fifteen year old that has have grown. Now he's taller than me and probably much more talkative than he used to be. Oh yeah if you'er wondering why most of the guys are wearing blue and I pink, that was the dresscode :)

After cleaning up and inhaling several leftover helium balloons (which was HILARIOUS especially when I began to laugh like a chipmunk) we ended the night at Murni's. Shared Mee Raja (king mee) with Cammie. Learnt something about Andrew that I NEVER knew. Gosh the past can bring up some pretty humorous things.

Saturday morning..or more like lunch! Was a date with a big indescribable bowl of SS15's pork noodles with the highest reputation ever. How high can it be? Well, for example you have to wait a minimum of 
45 minutes
to even receive your bowl.


Enjoyed a bowl of cendol pulut as well which was Damien's first time and he finally felt what it meant to LIVE! Hopped on to a bus and headed to church which required quite a wait and the bus stop but kinda just spent the time listening to music and singing out loud without a care of what others thought.

Went to church as they were having the Acts Campus 7-11 SEXPOSE day.
Pr Sandra shared her heart out about love, relationships, sex, commitment and how it all comes down to the choices we make. Especially when in the spur of the moment, always keep it in mind to do what's right. 

Premarital sex = WRONG

and always will be =)

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