Wednesday, 27 July 2011

So much for pain.

The dentist was the only thing on my mind yesterday, in my dreams and the moment I woke up. After much difficulty in finding the dentist my hopes were crushed as he said

"your wisdom teeth aren't growing sideways, they're practically lying down, you need to go to a specialist"

Well not exactly, but you get the point, so now my appointment for my wisdom teeth extraction will be moved to September. Great.

The youth centre up the road was having a barbeque which could be heard from my bedroom. Sizzling sausages, burgers, chicken wings [which darragh's allergic to. HARHAR] and a whole lot of chit chat. I thought I'd be unable to eat anything really due to the dentist which was supposed to extract my tooth in the morning.

But thank goodness burgers made their way down my throat :)

Been watching loads of nonsense lately thanks to them.
Check this out.

There's a part 2 and 3 too!

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Polerberr said...


I baked you a pie!!!

((Nice blog btw... I posted on my one but the post never showed up :S))