Friday, 1 July 2011

Surviving the ride, saying goodbye and returning to school

After heading to the dentist for a checkup I needed to sink my teeth into some pai kuat dim sum along with some har kau . Didn't receive much good news from the dentist. After looking at my teeth for two seconds I received that my wisdom teeth are growing at an angle which might cause damage in the long run. So I gotta extract both of em' but I guess I'll leave that to when I return to Ireland. So I can enjoy the rest of my holidays even more.

Had my dim sum together with Kah Tsin which then continued to go grocery shopping with me for mum's long list of spices and sauces. Best part was that...I was the first passenger ever to sit in Kah Tsin's car and BOY DID I FIND OUT WHY. Let's just say I had several near death situations today. I even began singing songs like

"Jesus loves me this I know"

My new Indian Friend finally appears on my blog. Joshua Jeevan Raj. A 19 year old with a brain of a five year old. Oh wait, is that insulting the five year olds? Haha just kidding. Through a game in CF we had to question each other about random things and be quizzed after. Weird part was

Josh and I got all 8 questions right about each other.
500 Days Of Summer...The ultimate guyflick man.

After a great time at Christian Fellowship, we walked over to SS15 to have lunch together at Asia part was all the lazy form sixes (with me included) hopped into Kah Tsin's car and drove there instead.

The people who walked reached first

Combined several tables at the cafe and ordered watermelon juice! Shared it with Zern and he even paid for it! THANKS FATSO. I became so aware of thing stuck in my teeth thanks to that stupid wisdom tooth growing at an angle, which is a perfect spot for nasty bits of food to get stuck.

So I said goodbye to Matthew. A big hug, a song as well as we wave goodbye to him going to Shah Alam to study. well I know it's only 15minutes away and he'll be able to drive back easily. But for me, it'll probably be the last I'll ever get to see him until I return to my home once more :)

Friendships last if we work hard!
from primary school till now Matthew ! :)

Acts Teens Week #3 - Wall post began as soon as we heard the bell ring, just like in school. This week the theme was being in an actual school! There was nasi lemak, keropok lekor, tubs of drinks with a "beratur di sini" sign hung up even. And what we rarely see in school happened, 


Ate on long tables just like how the school canteens have. What an experience :)

Not only was the atmosphere like school, EVERYONE WAS IN SCHOOL UNIFORM! Not just the school kids mind you, it was a pretty hard differentiating the adults and the kids. Some adults really pulled off the school kid look it was scary! The emcee Brian (left) really went to a whole new level as he nerded up with duct-taped glasses and all.

Social Actsperiment 
took a turn today as we brought it to a whole new level, no more watching just videos. We witnessed a real life Social Actsperiment! Our own stuntman, Bryan (right) attempted to eat a full spoon of cinnamon powder which has known to be pretty impossible. 


He coughed out a cloud of brown smoke and probably threw up a gooey little mixture of brown saliva.

One brave man took on the challenge as it was opened up to the audience


The crowd cheered as he shoved the entire spoonful of cinnamon powder into his mouth..and......wait for it..... DID NOT COUGH. Everyone was in suspense mode anxious to see the result. At times there were doubts as he didn't cough nor did he seem like he swallowed it. And then the moment of triumph, VICTORY! 

He showed a clean tongue.


Just when we thought there couldn't be anymore surprises, a dance broke out in the middle of the stage consisting of school kids, a dance battle between the Gangsters and the Nerds. Well based on what they're dressed as I hope that's what it means :)

Pr Sandra gave a powerful word today focusing on peer pressure. How simple words can affect us so much due to pressure. The way we dress, talk, behave. Is TV, the magazines, music really our best role model? Fitting in and feeling accepted is definitely what everybody wants. But if you're gonna be forever molded by the people around you, what happens to your own true identity?

Stand up for yourself ! 
Create your own stands ! :)

A scream, A cheer, A song.
"Happy Birthday To You" 
soon echoed the walls of the church as 3 ginormous home made cakes spelling out  "J.A.Y" shone brightly with sparklers stuck into it. It was Jay's birthday and her girls got together to make this awesome cake filled with T.L.C (tender love and care)

It was super fun to wear my pinafore once again (thank God it still fits) The only twist was I wore my heels instead of them plain white shoes (which obviously I don't have any longer) Was hilarious to act the kid, scream my head off, and experience the whole


feel all over again :)

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