Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Talking till the moon goes home.

My last visit to school "for fun" was today and said several goodbyes. Hung out for the interact meeting as well and said hello to several teachers. Even managed to collect my karisma year book of 2010. Thank goodness the photos were pretty good compared to previous [horrendous] years.

Chia Sing picked me up as we headed to the extremely packed totally no parking available Sunway Pyramid. I mean come on, it's a typical working weekday and yet the place was probably claustrophobic to itself. Finally fulfilled one of the requirements on my checklist


The 5 storey mall. which has the  Fully equipped with more than 300 shops, restaurants, an ice skating rink, a bowling alley, archery, a cinema, an indoor ferriswheel and mini carnival, a 5-in-1 outdoor theme park with water slides, flying foxes, bungee jumps, crazy roller coasters and so much more.

How did I even get bored of this place last time? You truly never appreciate things till you lose them

Something I haven't done in actually, an entire year? Grabbing some random clothes with a friend and just changing into them, snap a photo and walk out. Both of us picked dresses we would never even dream of trying on.

And yeah the boyfriend of the lovely Chia Sing, SHAUN CHIEN EU MING
 Funny how I knew them separately and were both close to them only to realise they'd get together. A goodbye with never ending looks of the shoulder and little waves. May you have a great stay in Sarawak, Shaun. Eat all the oodles of noodles you can put your hands on.

A trip to mamak to meet up with some humans which was surprisingly extremely cheap [as if mamak could get any cheaper] well it actually can when Joben [guy in photo] took the liberty of PAYING for all of us.

Big whoop to Joben!

We transported ourselves to a park where we began to put the timer on the camera and took like easily 50 photos just from the custom timer? Which ended up in loads of unpredictable hilariously blur shots. My hair looks like I got a boy cut. It was just really hot so I pinned my hair up okay.


Attempted to "overcome" my fear of the stupid swinging from hoop to hoop thing and boy did I fail. Even after the "intensive" courses and advice given by Ken-Ji and Joben [which were swingin to and fro like monkeys] I hung on one hoop...and kind of just hung there...till I let go of one hand and ended splat on the ground.

Yay me.

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