Thursday, 14 July 2011

Toys R Aged.

It was a mad day today with Jon Tan and Josman as we began to explore the wonders of Toys R Us. One hour was practically spent by fidgeting with all the Lego pieces and superhero masks. The all time favourite of flicking every piece of any action figure that'd make a sound or movement.

Saw a familiar face, Jon Wong! As he was purchasing four Nerf guns. I knew some how it was related to his school carnival which was obviously the answer. Man you guys are rich! Who buys Nerf guns for Carnival Day at school!
Crazy pots.

We began fiddling around in the kiddy section where I started using the little pink scooter to go from isle to isle. Was hilarious seeing Jos attempt to ride a four wheeled bicycle which was...tiny.

Six foot giant on wheels :)

Had a girly outing together with Amanda, Yi Wei, Cheryl at Charlotte's awesome crib which was just next to Empire. Hung out by the pool while munching on a bowl of pisang goreng wonderfully prepared by Charlotte already.

Finally my FIRST outing with them. So lousy lah! See each other in church every week but never really hung out.

Celebrated Dad's 18th birthday at Italiannies together with Sammy. The service was great and so was the complimentary slice of heaven which had peanut butter, chocolate and some sort of cream all nicely laid out on a digestive biscuit bottom.

Headed to my last help out week for the decoration of Acts Teens 7 Weeks. Using the scissors and probably almost stabbing my own self with the blade due to my clumsiness. 

and boy is it packed to the full!
It's overflowing practically.

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