Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wan a bite :)?

Recently at New Straits Times, friends have increased and so have my appetite. Lavi, Suzanna and Jehan. The sunshine and the downpour will never keep lunchtime away from us. So here's a compilation of photos of food with utmost detailed descriptions to make your mouth water.

Banana leaf rice together with some fresh greens along the side with spicy mutton rendang. washed down with a cold glass of milo ais.

Murni's oh-so-famous claypot lo shu fan as it sizzles together with a freshly cracked raw egg on the top which after breaking seeps down through all the little 'rats tails' together with the minced beef.

Meehoon curry laksa 
filled with cockels, tauge, tofu and shredded cucumbers on top with half a boiled egg submerged into the ever santan-y soup that will tickle your tastebuds.

Pai Tee 
chopped radish filled with goodness-knows-what topped with chilli on top filled into a crunchy shell that melts in your mouth

 Shaved ice that seemed to be so fine you'd think it was cotton wool with palm sugar with the little green worm-like jellies and kidney beans at the bottom.

the " I Love Discounts " company stopped by the office today which didn't even need to try to attract people's attention as they walked in with shocking fuchsia pink afros !

Spent some time at the park yesterday just thinking excessively. T'was nice to finally go into the park and not worry if anyone sees you because well, it isn't my area and there's nothing to worry about :)

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