Monday, 11 July 2011

When rainbows,dance and beatbox collide

My final lunch with Keith as well yeah, I'll be flying back to the land of greens. The initial plan was just to get a bite at Kwai Sun which was unfortunately packed. But my craving for kai fan [chicken rice] couldn't be settled so I took it away and we ended up sitting in Subang Parade talking endlessly over a mix-matched lunch.

A happy goodbye with no tears 
[ I mean come on, it's Keith for crying out loud, he's probably doing a little victory dance because I'm flying off ]

Finally Cody came to pick me up as he was stuck in the jam happily contributed everyday thanks to Sri KL school, as if the SS15 roundabout couldn't be anymore congested. Of all the places to hang out we were going to a college. Why? because the 3rd party was too lazy to move his butt. Kidding. 

Damien had classes and we wanted to see him as soon as he finished. T'was a crazy time as we just hung out by the lake [Yeap, Taylor's Lakeside it was] Enjoyed staring at the fish splish-sploshing to and fro while Cody began to beatbox nonstop while Damien showed his moves, and I talked till echoes tended to bump off the nearby walls.

When the sun began to disappear, for some coincidence Cody needed to meet up with Kim and since I knew her anyway we just had a little impromptu mamak session in Taipan only to realise we talked till midnight. Thanks Kim for sending me back :)

Today was pure hilarious.
It couldn't have been any better
Thanks guys :]


Cody said...

Whoaaaa, superstars blog. Such an honour. :')

a.c.e. said...

Awww you're the famous one, not me. Mr beatboxer :]