Saturday, 2 July 2011

When the sweat takes over!

8 in the morning and my annoying alarm sets off and got ready to go to the most amusing Sports Day ever. Who knew that there would be a green alligator on a BICYCLE as Green House's mascot? Like seriously how do you people come up with this kind of comical nonsense?

Managed to meet up with most of the unlazy people who ACTUALLY turned up for Sports day. Mostly it was the guys I guess and the girls who were mostly involved in the formation dance. Seeing several of my classmates having spiky and glittery hair looking way better than they normally do. Making several girls swoon at their feet.

Matthew even came (so much for "last"day yesterday) But he came so sweetly with hand made crepe paper hair clips for all the girls he's closed too. It's definitely one of the most sweetest gifts I've ever received. 

And it's so pretty! :) Sad part is...It's made of paper and won't last that long.

Every year we have a competition between houses through dance. A mixture of dances mashed into one. Hiphop, Malay, Chinese, Indian dances and much more all rolled in to an awesome ball of awesomeness. Check out the videos :) Credits to Syed Hariz for uploading them.




Tarik Tali or more commonly known as Tug-Of-War was Blue team's most known for event. Not just this year, but probably since a million centuries ago. People started getting thrown all over the place, screams under the burning hot sun, toes digging into the ground, injuries galore.

Choon Thye was one of the genius macho people who continued to tug although he already sprained his leg which only worsened. which meant I was his tongkat (walking stick) for the rest of the day.

Many of the guys returned home triumphant having a slightly heavier neck due to oh-so-glamorous medals slung around their necks. Some for previous sports, running, formation, marching and so much more. The crowd cheered and soon the tension began to set in.



Jon picked me up from school and we headed to...the car workshop! Yeah today's adventure was kinda funny. No shopping mall, nor any specific destination. Our itinerary was just circled around..when his car would finish tinting. So basically we spent our time eating and talking. 

1) Lunch at Face To Face
2) Dessert at Snowflakes

Stopped by this adorable coffee house in Empire and ordered a RM12 cup of coffee. Thank goodness it was yummy. I had the Hazelnut Latte as always which creatively formed a heart on the top. Talked till the cows came home and soon headed over to SMK Seafield!

"West Side Story" The Musical was on at SMK Seafield. Although I had no idea who was in the play, I kinda just went due to invitations and wanting to spend time with friends. Popcorn, drinks and more was on sale and managed to sit with an entire row of people that I knew ( only expected like 2 or 3 ? )

Ben Wong. Sam Saw. Chee Kin. Joe Kim. Tharveen.Preet.Charmaine.Nasheel.Vaenisa.Carolyn.Melisa.Jon Ho.

The musical began, lighting was good but sound was rather bad. The actors and actresses were hard to understand or it might have just been their pronunciation. Either way truthfully, it wasn't really the best show I've been to. If I didn't already know the story, I would have been utterly lost.

The teachers were fabulous and so were the main leads. Some of the voices were really good and thumbs up to the pianist. But there were many times when singing just went out of tune or when sometimes they couldn't even be heard. 

But really thumbs up to all the dances! They were really good since practically every song had moves to them :)

Fav song : The one when everyone just collaborated..and the funny one with the five guys.

Who knew that Elaine would be the MAIN LEAD. Her range is pretty high and she was the best actress of the entire show. There was not even once when I didn't hear her speak clearly. You were GREAT woman. Seriously didn't know you had such talent :) If it was not for you, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the show haha!

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