Friday, 26 August 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

Jamzone, the youth group of Shannon Christian Church threw an Oscar party to say goodbye to the Summer holidays and welcome in the school year.

Dressed to impress, hair and make up all done, guys in their suits and girls with sharpened heels decorated with glittering accessories

And for the first time in my life, my eyes...saw...


A wide spread of fancy appetisers were prepared by Isorah and myself

cocktail sausages with cucumbers on sticks
a fruit and cheese platter consisting of white cheddar, grapes, watermelon and pineapple
assorted biscuits with chocolate coating and chocolate chips 
mini chocolate chip muffins
mini fairy cupcakes
coke and sprite with a lemon wedge on each glass

Godswill and Tino 
then took the stage and performed two catchy tunes that got the crowd cheering and bopping along. If you're wondering what those golden bottles are in the middle, those are our handcrafted Oscar Awards made by Masha and Tian!

On the red carpet everyone strut their stuff. It was ironic as our entire church hall is red carpetted if that's even a word. The guys got a little...mad with the photos. And without any consent just picked the kicking and screaming me...Well when the camera did flash I had to smile.

The voting polls for the awards were open to vote by either sending a text to the specific number or filling it out on paper.
Our first round of Oscar awards began

Best Dressed Female
went to me. Even though I was the one that was tallying the votes. No I didn't cheat ! 

Best Dressed Male
went to


Best Hair Female
went to 


Best Hair Male
went to 


Our second performer, for the first time stepped on the stage in church, grabbed the microphone and belted out her stunning voice singing to 

Beyonce - Listen

And boy, did our ears listen to her :)
Big up Michelle for showing so much courage! You did a great job :)

To entertain the crowd we played two games.

Each person was given a slip of paper with the name of a celebrity. For instance if you got Angelina Jolie, you had to find your Brad Pitt in the crowd. But you're only allowed to ask YES/NO questions.

Then we proceeded with 

The representative would pick a slip of paper with the name of a celebrity and he/she had to act it out and obviously the audience had to guess who.

A time of dancing soon began as the lights began to dim and tunes began to blast through the speakers. Big up to Godknows who was the DJ for the night. And this time, we didn't just dance but we learnt more!

Tino taught us how to dougie
Ruan taught us how to jump dance

It was so hot we actually began to sweat!!

And as the night began to end, we finished up with the remaining awards.

Best Photograph Male
went to 

 [the emcee himself ! Who by the way, was magnificent at stalling the crowd!]

Best Photograph Female
went to 


Best Male Dancer 
went to 

for being so supportive by trying out each dance :]

Best Dancer Female
went to 

[which was obviously no surprise as she's known for her moves on the dancefloor]

Female Star of the Night
went to 


Male Star of the Night
went to 


who began jumping around in glee as it was announced shouting out his thank you speech to the crowd. 

It was a fabulous event minus all the hiccups along the way. 
Thank you so much 
to everyone who made this happen.

Masha and Tian for helping with the decorations.
Isorah for helping with the food
Elton for emceeing for the event
Athiei that was the sound man behind the scenes
Godknows that provided all those catchy tunes
Melissa for handling the Facebook event page.

The event couldn't have gone out without all you guys!
Thank you! :]

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