Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Coline's Farewell

Got a text from Marie asking "Where are you?"
My head was as confused as a frog in soup. That doesn't even make sense, cos I realised once more I had read her previous text wrongly.

"Coline is leaving on Thursday so let's meet up tomorrow"

I read it as

"Let's meet up on Thursday"

I should really read all my texts twice.

So me, still in my jammies playing Hedgewars for the past two hours thanks to Daniel Yoong and Ken-Ji, the new version of Worms, with flying pianos from the sky. Grabbed something in my closet, threw it on and practically ran to Scoops. Thank God they were still there.

I was two hours late. Nice.

The sun was gorgeous, despite several chills, the sun was up! Finally got to see dear Emma which I haven't seen since school ended ! Which was like in June! To top the day of was a delectable pistachio icecream and a warm pesto and cheese crepe.

Funny, as much as green isn't a colour I'm fond of, For food it kind of is!
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