Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 3 in Germy - Hanover Zoo

The Hanover Zoo is definitely the best zoo I've been to so far! The pelicans were pink. The photo was just retarded and didn't bring out the pink. THEY WERE PINK. I've never seen pink pelicans okay! We were even allowed to walk among some of the animals such as the pelicans and kangaroos!

A part of myself connected deeply with the above animal. Well, it was my nickname since I was 13. So hippopotamus it is! We have everything in common despite one thing. They can swim, I can drown. Big difference. Hah!

Funny how Vivien and my face actually sort of fit in with the walls as that normally fails to even happen. Throughout this trip I learnt SO many German words! Why? utterly everything was in German! The signs, the menus, the shows, the descriptions. The only English words available was the name of the animal and that was about it. 

Met the Orang Utan, that originates from Borneo [felt so proud when I saw it] This fella was pretty cheeky and had the poser in him. One thing about the zoo that I loved was that the amount of space each animal was given was HHUUUGEEE! Basically I walked through the whole zoo from 11am till 6pm and even that was hard to cover ground.

Ate tons of food and was fed at every pit stop. Baguettes, Ice cream and icy chilled drinks. There was even popcorn! Probably to buy to eat at the animal shows. But there was SPICY popcorn? Never heard of that have you?

My favourite of the day were definitely the polar bears as I've never seen them before! There wasn't one, not two, but probably even more than five! The area for them to swim was extremely wide that's why I couldn't keep count. They just seemed to come from every possible direction.

Even managed to see them swim so adorably [with puffy paws] thanks to the clear water and the glass tunnel below.

Clemens and Ulla. 
My newly adopted parents from Germany :) Both of them were terribly sweet and kept feeding me nonstop! They were even more sporting than us as they were just jumping at random playgrounds for kids, and even went to take photos behind those cut out boards to fit your head in.

The elephant show was the best. They even had five babies, which are the most I've seen together. The elephants did all sorts of tricks, lay down on the trainer without crushing him, pulled heavy weights, painted t-shirts, played the harmonica. But oh were they rewarded with a whole wheelbarrow filled with leafy greens and juicy fruits. 

Even saw an elephant gobble down an entire pineapple.

One of the elephants even originated from home sweet home, Malaysia!
Knew it straight away once I saw her name
Sayang oh sayang.
Means darling for all you who don't know :)

The seal show was cute. The whole show was crafted into a play with acting and all sorts. Thank God I got some of the jokes based on their actions, cos the entire thing was in German. Which was cute as well seeing the children in the crowd just reacting by saying

NEINNNNNNNNN! [nooooooo!]
When the girl kept saying she wanted to stop and go home.

When I said show, I meant show, there was even blasts of water in the air which created a rainbow effect. Mr Santa Claus was wearing a hawaiian shirt. Talk about ironic. His Rudolph came later too, the actual real one, without the red nose though :)

Ulla bought for us packets of food to go into the petting zoo. The goats just came bleating in hyper voices and some even  pounced on us. They were adorable and surprisingly didn't stink at all! One smart one even attempted to eat my dress.

Best part was when the llama sneezed right smack on my face.
Sweet memories.

There was a Zambezi ride which gave us a tour around the animals from Africa such as the antelopes, pink flamingos and much more. Just think Lion King and yeah you can fill in the blanks.

I even saw a Zekey or a Donbra! Look carefully and it's a cross between a zebra and a donkey!
Grey upper body...and stripey legs. Talk about fashion crisis :)

Soooo adorable.

Here's a line for you to ponder upon.
Such wise words.

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