Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 4 in Germy - Eat sepuas-puasnya

Woke up in the middle of day at 2pm ! Can you believe it. The bed here is really too comfortable. Seems that there was a lot of noise while I was asleep yet I didn't even hear a thing! Don't know if this is a blessing or a curse now haha! Pray that my eyebags go away with it :)

Followed Ulla and Vivien to Kauf Park today, basically the central place for them to buy practically everything.

Had the oh-so-traditional but extremely delicious chopped up sausages in special currywurst sauce together with a bun at Curry 37, Gottingens. It was to die for ! When it touched my palate I felt as if I floated to heaven. And that means alot coming from me as I'm not a big fan of sausages.

But when it came to this, I was hooked at first bite.

Went on a special mission to fulfill mum's request of a wheat bunch to be brought back. Equipped with a secateur in one hand. Vivien and I crawled on over to a wheat farm nearby and cut out a small bunch and tied it together. Hopefully it stays intact till I get home.

Headed over to the park and sat on the swing that has room for many. Stared at the white fluffy blinding clouds while talking away to Vivien. Walked back home and rested few minutes before leaving for our next destination...


A traditional German pub nearby together with the family.
Mum, Ulla. Dad, Clemens with Elaine and Vivien !

Starter course - Eierstich soup with nudeln
A traditional German broth consisting of small pieces of egg and noodles in it.

Main course - Schweineschnitzel mit karibischer soße
Another famous dish which is a deep fried pork chop together with either a sweet pineapple sauce or mushroom sauce which came together with a fresh cut salad and deep fried potato balls [kartobällchen]

Downed the night with glasses of iced coffee and chocolate which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream on top. Had a really nice dinner with them as we rolled back home thanks to our totally overstuffed tummies.

Gonna check out the city tomorow! 
Starting to pick up a little German words here and there. Most used word since I came is
schokolade [chocolate]

Oh the whole world loves chocolate :)

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