Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 6 in Germy - Barbequed

An awesome barbecue on a hot sunny day with a hint of wind. The best remedy of all. Barbecued spiced chicken with several kinds of sausages. Some with cheese and even with chilli in them. Meat kebabs, salads, buns and ice cold drinks together with the family!

The family increased as Joanna, Vivien's older sister came with her fiancee, Oliver. A lovely couple which all the more added to the joy, laughter and extreme sports!

We played badminton..while sitting on the grass. We looked like the most laziest people in the world. Things that happen when the sun comes around

[lazes and grazes in the field]

When they arrived, they definitely did in style. A Red Mercedes SLK drove up the lane and my jaw was just hanging down below. Managed to sit inside and just snap a photo to make myself look all classy and such. I can't even drive properly, better not even try to drive in the left seat. 

Elaine brought one of her friends over to the barbeque as well, Max who looks like Justin Bieber. Can you believe he's only fourteen. FOURTEEN. What are kids eating these days? They're growth is spurting i tell you.


Thank God he could speak fairly fluent English :] 

The meal was absolutely delicious thanks to Clemens who barbecued everything for us. The weather was one of the best I've ever seen. In Malaysia, it was too hot. In Ireland, it was too cold. And here? It has been just nice. Neatly in the middle.

Surrounded by the lovely Schneider family with additional fiancee, Oliver. 

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