Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 7 in Germy - Hot White Chocolate in the woods

In the morning I headed to visit Vivien's school but sadly the gates were closed and we just walked around the compound. Never have I seen a blue and pink school. How adorable. and it wasn't the typical school that I go to. It was a Steiner school where they have alternative ways of studying :] 

Hopped on a bus to the city centre and indulged at World Coffee. This time it was slightly chilly outside so a warm drink was heavenly.

Hot White Chocolate Mochachino with whipped cream. caramel bits, cinnamon and chocolate powder on top

Came home to a scrumptious exceedingly filling lunch made by Clemens! my first lunch in their house actually [minus the barbecue yesterday]

Fluffy pancakes with cheese spinach and mushrooms in it. 
I know it sounds odd and different. But try this. YOU GOTTA TRY THIS!

Vivien's sort-of-grandfather came with a bucket of freshly plucked home grown tomatoes and I'm not joking when I say bucket. It was literally in a bucket ! I've never tasted such delicious juicy tomatoes in my entire life. No joke. I was just popping all the little baby ones in my mouth on the way back.

Spent around an hour loading heavy logs unto the cart hitched to the back of the car, drove back home, unloaded and headed back to load more. In total we did three rounds and boy were we mucky by the time we got back :]

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