Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 8 in Germy - Goodbye Eberhausen

Paid Göttingen city my last visit and this time it seems as if a doctor had graduated as the statue was no longer bland and single coloured, but instead she held a fresh bouquet of flowers with a bright blue scarf wrapped around her neck. 

Walked the streets for last minute shopping to stuff my already overflowing suitcase and shared my last currywurst with Vivien. The best sausage in the world! Went back home to pick the juicy ripe raspberries to bring back home [which got partially squashed by the way but it was pretty good to eat anyway]

Had my last meal with the Schneider's at the Mövenpick cafe consisting of steaming hot cups of cocoa. White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. They actually had these choices ! Checked in, and plugged into watching some Big Bang Theory on my laptop.

Thankfully my flight wasn't affected by the previous strike which was only 4 hours before my flight. All the flights from 6am-12pm were cancelled!Thank goodness I bought the cheaper flight with the awkward timing or else I'd have no flight. Even got good seats too! 

After having non-Asian food for a week, I treated myself to some food from Phnom Penh. A bowl of beef rice noodle soup. Also known as beef kuay teow soup. They even gave wasabi nuts as an appetiser! Never have I seen this in my entire life! :]

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