Friday, 12 August 2011

Kieran & Willie's 16th

Kieran & Willie 
had a conjoined 16th birthday celebration at O'Donovan's. Funnily what I realised was that this was my first birthday party in a pub that I've ever gone to. And funnier so that there wasn't any alcohol involved as well we're all under 18s. Thank goodness :]

Most of the girls just hung out in the toilet for some reason. There were times when it was so packed you couldn't even open the main door. Basically the place where we were able to rest our extremely-pained legs from killer stilettos. At first I too wore them. But I was like oh whatever, put on my flats and became practically the shortest one on the dance floor.

The lights were flashing here, there and everywhere. Sometimes it even annoyingly continued to glare in your face it was as if you were "seeing the light" The DJ continued to put the latest mainstream hits with a lil bit of twists here and there.

Poor ol' Jade took off her heels while dancing and stepped on a piece of glass. I had the honours of pulling it out of her foot. How pleasant. Well I had practice on myself when I was young and stepped on all sorts of things like thumbtacks and such. Gave her my flats instead and I slipped back into my heels :]

It began to get really stuffy and sweaty on the dancefloor with all the lads just jumping up and down. Was hilarious at times but oh man it was so gross when the sweat was just everywhere..I could almost see all the sweat droplets just dancing along.

Finally at the end both of them blew out their candles :] 
Would have been funny if they had 32 candles instead.

Thanks lads for inviting me to the party! 
I had fun!

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