Sunday, 21 August 2011


A new korean drama which just ended, and I even had to watch the final episode with hardly any subs and surprisingly I actually got the words. Well some of them, dramas tend to contain similar words in it. Was a pretty good drama. Loved the fact that it revolved around music school.

Collaborations between modern and traditional music was astounding :)

Since I have a week left of holidays I figured why not watch some other dramas which I never really touched before. So I went back to 2006 and just began to watch Princess Hours !

And since Princess Hours was done by MBC, Korea's biggest entertainment company.
They're currently having a worldwide talent show called


Kesiah just came back from the auditions in Korea and out of all the finalists that came from all over the world she has made it to the 

TOP 24 !!

I can't believe it. So proud of her and she'll be heading back to Korea at the end of September for the boot camp along with the other finalists. Ah I really hope she goes through every round by the grace of God! Extremely proud of you Kesiah!!

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