Friday, 19 August 2011

Partay @ Darren's

Went to Limerick to get the final load of my school books which is now officially all bought and wrapped! I wonder how in the world am I going to fit it all in my bag. the books alone take up 4 book files on my table.

Ended up going to Adare with mum and Uncle Mike just for a random day out and I saw such peculiar sales.
33 1/3 % really? These people are cheap I tell ya!

Headed over to Darren's for a 

GANGSTAH themed party.

Bling, caps turned backwords, more bling, sweats and hoodies along with loads of munchies and drinks. The rocky chocolate biscuit cake thing with loads of crunchy bits made by Darren & Ronia were to die for!
He even had a pool table AND a ping pong table. Man. How cool is that !

Mixing around with the third years was slightly new to me, but hey they're gonna be my classmates in two weeks time! Man I feel old. Seriously. I'm 17 and I'm going to have 15 year old classmates. Doesn't make things any better since my birthday's in January and I'm gonna be 


Gosh time flew REALLL fast

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