Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Selamt Hari Merdeka Malaysia

Tanggal 31!
31st August 2011 and once again the flags will be flying everywhere. On poles, hung  from lamp post to lamp post, or even stuck on top of cars. And most of all, the countdowns together with everyone.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia :]

Here's an extremely old photo of myself celebrating Merdeka in my first year in high school.
Man, how short were the guys..now they're towering over us.

Rishen.Choon Thye.Yogendran.Derrick
Annesha.Myself.Esther.Jessica.Alan.Zhu En

Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians reading this :]

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mumsie said...

they changed the merdeka day this year! Only malaysia can do that lol