Saturday, 27 August 2011


Headed down to the BBQ competition outside of Flanagan's and met with Aisling, Siobhan and Rachel :]
Thankfully the weather was pretty good and the sun came out despite the blowing wind that just made our bones frozen.

The waft of delicious freshly barbecued food was in the air. The best part was that everything was absolutely free. Burgers, sausages, buns, special barbecue sauce and my favourite was definitely the 

grilled sticky chicken on homemade focaccia with blue cheese, walnuts and squash
made by the flaming lips

the fanciest one of them all.
But yes, there were donation boxes at every stall, so technically they weren't exactly free.  

Pigged out together with Aisling as we hopped from one stall to the other and bothered Daniel at scoops like four times asking for chocolate bar milkshakes. Had a long walk with Ais and talked about all kinds of nonsense. One of the only girls I can talk NONSTOP to :]

Gonna miss you when you're going off to college !

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