Wednesday, 24 August 2011

When going online goes overboard

Left my computer for a mere 6 hours to come back to 
"365 new tweets" 
Funny how millions of people are living lives online. Yours truly is guilty as well. Man this is turning into a norm. Those were the days when we went out in the sun and played.

Instead here I am watching korean dramas
[I know I have SUCH an interesting life don't I?]
Just started one and this is the first time I've actually heard my name in a korean drama!
Yes there's actually an Audrey in this one. weird. Highly unusual in korean dramas. But well it's just her nickname..when her real name is Yeon Jae.

Just downloaded another 40 songs into my iPod
Funny how 30 of them are in Korean
-plugs ears to sleep-

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