Monday, 15 August 2011

Willie's Surprise!

Moody Cow

One of the most legendary milkshake shops in the world! Shelves stocked with any chocolate, sweet, cereal, cake, biscuit or jelly imaginable ready to be blended into a thick goo of sweetness.

My personal favourie [well I've only tried this] - Kinder bueno with strawberry cheesecake

They even have breakfast cereal blends and hot chocolate mixtures.

Just on Friday I headed over to Murli's together with Trent to record a piano instrumental for their upcoming songs. Was a cool experience, definitely had loads of fun despite the brain crashing moment when you run out of composing ideas.

I didn't know I was actually supposed to come out with the melodies. Crazy what you can actually do when least expected. 

Said goodbye to Kesiah as she is going off to Korea tomorrow to get ready for her MBC Star competition as she has become one of the 20 finalists at the London audition! 

MBC is by the way, Korea's biggest entertainment label, signing off famous artists like Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, 2NE1 and so much more.

May you achieve your dreams and who knows what you'll gain from this competition. At least you get a free trip to Korea girl!

Fiona planned everything out for Willie's surprise 16th Birthday. A sweet gesture from the girlfriend at Flanagan's. They even printed the menu with his name on it. How awesome is that?

As we sat down waiting for the main star to arrive we scrolled through the oh-so-fancy menu which we got mixed up. Who knew that you could order anything there for the same price. The pizza and the steak were the same price. 


The man of the hour finally arrived with a big smiley shocked face of his and blew out his candle on the sinful sticky toffee pudding which was utterly heavenly mind you

Thanks so much Fiona for organising everything and inviting me as well :) 

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