Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Today was definitely one of the best roasty days ever! The sun was shining, the heat was blazing, the craving for ice cream and ice cold drinks swamped all over us. It was like summer in the middle of autumn! The disappointing thing was that we had to spend it in school, the mere 45 minutes during lunch break wasn't enough to burn us :[

During religion class today we were required to choose one song that holds the most meaning to your life. After thinking for the past few days about it, I decided on the song I Believe, which was a song written by one of the pastors in Acts Church, Malaysia. 

But definitely the fear of being discriminated came to the surface. As, well it isn't exactly the most normal thing in school to be so in tune into Jesus. 

But I just wanna praise God that gave me the courage to step up and instead of just playing the song on my phone, I played it on the piano and sang the lyrics out.

"When I am weak, then I am strong, You give me strength to carry on"

Singing the lyrics gave me even more confidence in myself. 
Felt even better when some people came to me and said they were blessed by the song :]

To top it all off, the sun didn't go down after school ended. Managed to walk around and at least soak in some nutritious vitamin D !

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