Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's a wild transformed limerick football match.

Baking a cake was part of my itinerary of the day. And since it was Bonnie's and Wise's farewell party, I made an extra smaller one for the family (which were all cleaned out by the way) But the story behind the cake was a whole new nightmare

1. I realised I didn't possess enough groceries, thus I went to run up the street to get 'em
2. Then the electric mixer started shooting sparks and so I had to mix everything manually.
3. After all the cruel mixing was over, I unfortunately realised I had like 5cm of baking paper left. (

But all in all, 
at least I got good feedback from the cake :]
Nothing better than people appreciating your baking !

Wildlife began and there were SO MANY new people made it. Many of them not knowing each other so it was cool getting to know all of them. Particularly got to know Amy, Leann and Shauna :] 

T'was a great time for the kids to fellowship and even got to introduce Jesus to them :] was amazing to hear such feedback from them.

Games was hilarious. Try to take a chocolate coin, unwrap it, place it on your forehead and without using any hands, let it roll down your face into your mouth.

It's scarily impossible YET possible


Thanks to Trent for the lift, Melissa, Athiei and myself headed down to Moyross, Limerick for 

Tis' an entire day with a carnival, performances, barbecue competitions, together with life testimonies about God and even plays about the love of Jesus, just to reach out to the community.

There were choirs singing awesome Christian music and even the TBS guys had an awesome rap performance with one of the boys from Moyross, Pat :] Was really inspiring to see them have the courage to do it in front of the entire community, as there were definitely some people who got touched by their music.

We were definitely excited about the barbecue. Super duper yummy sizzling sausages all piled up on the grill, tender chicken skewers that disappeared in a matter of seconds and tons of burger patties with bottles of ketchup and not to mention, LEFTOVERS :]

An the little piggy went wee wee wee all the way on to the spit
I know it looks extremely cruel, and probably slightly disturbing.
But why was the meat soooo good...
Despite the part when it was like 50% connective tissue and i broke my fork trying to eat it.

There were even cartoon characters walking among us. Mickey, Minnie, Winnie. But here's something interesting for you readers. I know who's in the costumes. Why?


no kidding.
A lady came around us asking who would like to help volunteer. As most people shuddered at the thought of going into that thick mascot costume, I offered. I mean, WHEN ELSE are you going to get such a hilarious opportunity !? 

It was SOO FUN. Despite some kids trying to murder you or run off with your head.
Seriously kid. YOU STOLE MA HEAD.

Overall, it was a great time of fun, getting to see things from a different perspective. Definitely the innocent kids broke my heart. The testimonies about how a 20 year old drug addicted who has gone through every possible challenge shared about how God just turned his life around. When doctors said he was gonna die in a year, God prolonged his life for the next 20 years and he was still standing up there :]


We had our farewell party after church to say goodbye to Wise and Bonnie as they're going to continue their journey of life in London. I'm going to miss both of you guys so much. The memories of staying over at your house on weekends, with the house filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies. The random board game nights. I'm sure London is blessed to have you guys. 

Immediately we left to Limerick for the football match. It was


With the rain just ending, the grass was just pumping water with every step you took, which meant one thing.


I just sat on the sidelines together with Naomi and Jojo. This infact is the first time I've seen a football match live and this is THE FIRST TIME I've ever watched A FULL GAME. 

I've seen snippets of the world cup finals and all that but as I'm an ultimate loser in sports, football isn't really one of my passions. But I got to say, this was pretty awesome to watch, as I knew the players.

[screams names out every other second]

But well, most of the time I was catching up with Naomi as well and was laughing our heads off..I don't remember at what exactly but yes, I did keep myself slightly occupied. Hey I didn't fall asleep. And there were times I was screaming. 

Even more so when our team won the game, thanks to the awesome keeper, Murli! The lads were just jumping around in joy and the little spectators were just going 

[fan club starts to grow]

Thank goodness for the weekend. I feel all revived and pumped up for another week of school.
I still have a life!
[wipes off sweat]

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