Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Neglect Baby Neglect

So I've been neglecting my blog lately since school began to become my daily routine once more. I guess (well, I KNOW) that last year when I was in Transition Year, homework was not in our vocabulary although we did have assignments. 

But now, study and homework have become a time replacer of practically everything!
Oh but boy do accounts feel so satisfactory when it balances out!

After effects of sudden homework load and probably the change of weather (autumn has arrived...whoopee)
My nose has become as runny as an uncooked egg. 
Mmm. egg.

Back to the subject,
I've been killing trees by the second by stuffing my nose with their fluffy white tissues (which are NOW smothered in gooey yellow mustard coloured substances)

This year I've been lacking in the photo taking in school cos I guess I'm just rushing everywhere and we're not as free as before. So here's by far the only photo I've taken!

Starring Phelim [first appearance on my blog * throws confetti * ]
and the very important apple hand, Anna :]

And since mum has been off in Malaysia for the past 3 weeks, I've become the woman in charge in the kitchen. Been throwing experiments together and decided to start packing my own lunch to school which saves a ton of money and I get to skip the queues.

Probably I'm the only person who's ever brought sushi to school here. 
Who cares :]
nom nom nom.

[man my thumb is ultra retarded SPECIAL! ]

And a big happy birthday to Ho Chee Kin who's now officially SEVENTEEN
May the trial papers do you justice on your birthday [what a birthday present eh?]
Sorry I couldn't talk to you longer on the phone as all I had was 50 cents left. 
Was silently praying that the line wouldn't suddenly get cut.

Funniest photo we've ever had. It actually looked like we were holding hands. Man camera angles can do so much damage. HAHAHA. And NO we're not holding hands. 

Just hilarious since you're an old uncle now ajusshi :]
Much love from Ireland :]

Happy birthday you.

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