Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The picture's moving! Gasp.

Okay, wow, I just realised how seldom I blog now. But really, I wish that I could blog as much. But with school, homework and everything, astonishingly (yes astonishingly) there really 

isn't much to talk about?

Okay, I kid. 
My weekends do have at least some sort of content to blog about but due to a mistake / catastrophe that happened, I left my camera at home before heading to church on friday night.

Thus, as I was sleeping over for the weekend....Camera-less for the weekend.

Jamzone kicked off on Friday ( my church youth ) with a new section, called Wildlife! Which is for 11- 14 year olds! Had a great time with everyone catching up and even discussing what we'd love to see in the year ahead. And the ping pong table. Seriously. Ping pong doesn't really require much physical movement, but I just HAVE TO FAIL AT ANYTHING "sporty"

Really, I couldn't even hit the ping pong ball darn it.

Can't forget the food I had on the weekend. Stayed at Lezanne's ( her room is ultra cool) and Bonnie's house which she kindly left some ultra delicious roasted chicken with stuffing in the fridge for me.


Trying to buck up in my piano playing by trying out the Bohemian Rhapsody which I have to learn for my Leaving Certificate anyway. Man the speed on that piano. Would be slightly easier if my thumb could stretch a little more..but yeah it's gonna be a little tough to change the structure of my thumb

[over-leaning to the right makes my thumb special :]

I shall end this blog post with something that made me go Aww.

Chaozers :]
I'll try to update more!!
[can't believe I'm actually saying this]

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