Sunday, 4 September 2011

Reunited !

Observation : Tired and dried up pulp-like eyes with streaky red lines running through the off-white sclera
Inference : Four days of school work after practically 2 years of not studying 

After a week of school work and studying, it's really taking its toll on me. The first time in my life that I actually require to carry two full bags of books to school. The first time I see blood clots on my shoulders from the impact of the bags.

Nonetheless, school was good.
First time having to hop from class to class and being late would be your fault.
All my life I've just sat down in one classroom and if the teacher was late it wouldn't affect us at all, it would actually make us all the more delighted.

As Uncle Mike turned XX years yesterday, since mum wasn't present [like halfway around the world]
I brought Uncle Mike together with Mark, Paul and Michael to Molly's for dinner. 
Some pizzas, steak, burgers, chips with some sinful desserts after was a great way to spend the night.

Oh yeah, and made a card as well :]
Darn, should have snapped a photo of it.

Went to church today and it was sharing Sunday! The wonderful stories that just glorified the power of God were tremendous. Joanne's story particularly almost brought me to tears. Thank God for blessing them with a healthy baby girl Charize :)

Called shotgun in Godknows' car. First time in my life sitting in a convertible going down the road with the breeze in my hair. Thank you Lord for the wonderful sunny rays today. The sight of turning heads down each road didn't seem to grow old.

Hilarious how Athiei had to sit in the backseat even though I'm the shortest in the car and he has the longest giraffe legs in the world. His legs were so long that I couldn't even click my seat in position. 
His attempts to sit in the front just went to waste :]

Facebook really is a wonder. I know yes there's the whole fraping thing and the whole adding a million people you don't know but hey that's your choice! 

I decide not to add anyone I don't know and as I was about to press the ignore button, something stopped me...I know this face...It couldn't be...

I got reunited with my friend, Zhen Yang whom I got to know when I was 11 through an online game and we were rather close for 2 years till I was banned to play the game [yeah..I know] But wow seriously after 4 years of no communication, we're back to talking as much as before

Gonna be a load of catching up to do!
It's FOUR years hahaha.

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