Friday, 23 September 2011

A scoop o' songs

Thursday came so quickly and once again I made my way down to Scoops for another performance night. The weather now has been going from bright skies to cloudy rainy ones, the green leaves have now chosen to brown.

It's Autumn baby.

Today's star at scoops was the one and only
Noel McInerney!! 
Despite the Maths test I have tomorrow [gasp] I headed down anyway.
1. It's good to chill and let your brain relax
2. Oh come on, show some support for your kawan :]

He sang covers of a mixture of tunes, like Caledonia, Iris, Pencil Full of Lead and yada yada.

Aisling came along! I kind of enjoy this Thursday nights now at Scoops because at least I get to catch up with Ais. But sadly the music night will be changing to Friday next month and well, obviously clashes with my youth at church. So, meh. Next week's my last one.

I shall end this post with a moan and a groan.

You know you're
when your chair doesn't break in just one place...but THREE different places. 

Nevermind lah. I'll just get a new chair. problem solved.
I'mma be spending my weekend at Shannon, it's a whole load of church activities coming up

Man. I don't even know where I'm going to sleepover...

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