Thursday, 15 September 2011


P.E. was held outside today due to the hall being occupied with clinical equipment, kids and huge ginormous trays of syringes ready for the kill. Sickened on those who were required to get shots, although I'm gonna be getting mine next year [oh the hatred I have towards needles]

T'was really annoying how they had to use the intercom every 10 seconds to call the list of students for their shots.

Thanks to my smell senses being knocked dead, thanks to a extremely stuffed up nose, it was exceedingly tough trying to taste if the spaghetti sauce was even too salty or bland. I kinda just threw in anything that deemed fit. Topped it off with some grated parmesan cheese too.

I'm starting to get the hang of this cooking thing.

At Scoops today, a music session was held by Claudia who performed her originals and covers for an hour. Was a great time to just get away from school for once. Scoops was filled with students and had an awesome time just chilling

Felt horrible though.
I ordered a pistachio ice cream, tasted like vanilla
I tasted Aisling's nutella ice cream, tasted like vanilla.


Noel. Conor. Me, Aisling

Was so happy to see Aisling after three weeks! The woman I can talk total and utter nonsense to without feeling weird cos she's exactly the same :D

P.s. Was Orla's birthday today! Happy birthday you :) hope you liked the brownie :]

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