Thursday, 1 September 2011

To the one called Kenj :]

To the best girlfriend ever, 
"Charmander, I choose you!" 
Hearing you say that stupid line four times a day in Hedgewars was enough to implant that in my brain. Was just browsing through photos to find a funny one and got this from two years ago. 

The one who can never sit still and must do something stupid just for the laugh. 
The one who would sing super out of tune and crack me up
The one who must probably be utterly sick of me.
The one that I talk to, till I forgot what I even told you about and I have to even go back into Chat history. 
That's how much you mean to me. I don't even remember what I say HAHAH
Yeah I don't pay any sort of attention to you.

Yap Ken-Ji :]
Hope you like your gift which is sort of outta place.
From African origin, made in Germany bought by a Malaysian Chinese girl that's currently in Ireland.
 Interesting kan?
Sorry for having you drive to collect your own gift hah! Sorry no stock to fly to your house for delivery.
Hope you enjoy your birthday lah. Crazy. Can't believe you're so old.

When I'm back in two years, you are so gonna have your own car, in Jesus name amen :]

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