Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ath's Birthday & Me wisdomless?

Since a year ago, the trailer was on the screen and I had always wanted to watch Real Steel. I didn't even know it was out in Ireland till Ken-Ji told me he had seen it. Since it was Athiei's birthday, we headed to Omniplex for a movie and thanks to it being a weekday, the cinema was half empty! Thus, awesome seats!

Movie was awesome. Action and the Aww. moments between father and son :]
Definitely a recommended movie to catch !

Headed for a scrumptious dinner after that at Spice of India. Sizzling tandoori chicken on a hot plate, together with delicious curry and Pilau rice with some poppadoms by the side. The place was lovely and it's the first time I've actually sat down in an Indian restaurant here.

All I've ever gotten was takeaway :D

Hope you had a great birthday Ath :] Hope you liked the present, the card and the chocolate tiffin which I made sure had no nuts. HAH. Wouldn't want you rushing to the hospital on your birthday.
And thanks for the meal, which you were not supposed to pay for, it was your birthday! 
And big thanks to Mumsie and Uncle Mike for bringing me there and bringing us back

So those who have been reading my blog, I discovered while I was in Malaysia that my Wisdom teeth were growing at a peculiar angle. Not exactly like the tooth above, but 100% horizontal. which was way worse. After many appointments and an x-ray, my doomsday finally arrived.

Mumsie brought me down to Barrington's Hospital and after I was admitted into the ward she went home. Little did I know I had to wait for AGES till I could be operated on. Finished my math homework and actually wished I brought more. Made a new friend around my age in the ward too who had a similar situation with me.

Then, with hair all neatly piled up in a cap, with shoes covered in plastic, I was brought on to the operating table, As the doctor pierced a hole through my left arm to give me the drip containing the general anaesthetic, he complained that I had no vein there. SO he repierced my right hand. 

I hate needles okay. with a passion. And soon things began to become hazy and everything went blank.

Woke up a little groggy and with a mouth of a bloated chipmunk. Half my face was numb and I couldn't feel a single thing. A wonderful tray of mushy food was placed in my face and boy was it yummy. I hadn't eaten since the night before and I was starving! A bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream, a banana and a pot of berry yoghurt. 

You know how hard it is to eat when you can't even feel the spoon go in your mouth!
Thanks mummy for coming :)

Athiei paid me a surprise visit as he was in town. Thank you so much for coming, truly appreciate it although I looked like little miss bloated with blood dripping out. Ugh. Thanks for calming down and helping me to walk (was so...dizzy). 

Oh and and for a while, my pronounciation was hilarious
all my Ps were Fs.
all my Bs were Vs.

was some funny stuff.

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