Thursday, 13 October 2011

Crunchy Crickety Goodness

So air flown all the way from 
Thailand - Malaysia - Ireland
 a box of deep fried crickets arrived at my door, courtesy of mum.

The last time I went to Cambodia with mum, every day was spent searching for some sort of insect food to munch. But unfortunately, that quest wasn't successful.

So she kindly packed some deep fried packets in her bag and brought it here for me to taste.

DON'T get me wrong. It's not that I'm craving for crickets.
I just wanna try all kinds of food in the world, no matter how disgusting. At least one bite.

(after pulling out the crickets head as it was staring at me with lil beady eyes)
It was actually YUMMY.
Felt like little prawn-y bits

Crunchy Crickety Goodness.

A definite must try :]
I'm not disgusting.
I'm adventurous.

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