Sunday, 23 October 2011

Elthiei's birthday

Church was on today and thank God for unblocking my nose during praise and worship. I sounded so nasal during practice, for the least, I'm feeling great ! Had a great weekend and even got to make a new friend, Grainne, which came down all the way from Dublin.

We spent the night at Macdonald's just laughing our guts out. Never had that moment since Malaysia.

After church we had a birthday party for both Elton (19 Oct) and Athiei (26 Oct). 
A delicious chocolate cake with candles? Ah who cares!

Of course you don't expect just to have cake for lunch did you? A scrumptious spread of assorted cuisines. That's the best part about coming from a multicultural church. We had salad, sausages, rice, sweet and sour chicken, chicken curry, some sort of chicken with rice yet it's not rice dish which was absolutely delish! and 3 whole chickens. Yes I realise, there's only chicken. Hahah!

The gorgeous pavlova smothered in fresh cream and assorted berries with scattered nuts.
Was the most sickeningly sweet to-die-for dessert :)

To bad for those who was allergic to nuts! haha. 


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