Sunday, 16 October 2011

Feeling a lil Meh.

It was Sorah's birthday today and at the end of church celebration, the lights went down, the candles were lit and a song was sung. At church today reports came from every section. Videos of the sunday school, Photos from the youth, Jamzone and Wildlife, Updates from the leadership team as well as the worship team.

Word of the day : Mmmmbooglay

After church we headed down to Kilkenny, but yet somewhere close to Waterford, to meet our soon-to-be edition to the family. In two-three weeks time, he'll be old enough to be without his mum and he'll be coming over to Killaloe. And the name? As expected, it ain't gonna be the typical "Paws, Scruffy" or something.

My mum tends to come up with unique names.
named after the famous Japanese dog that waited for his master to return from work not knowing that he passed away. But continued to wait there for the next 10 years until the dog died.

Thus, Loyalty

So yeah,
Hachiko shall come soon :]

It updates my phone just fine.
But no...on any laptop when I sign in, my facebook profile page isn't getting updated!
SO peeved.

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