Friday, 21 October 2011

George's and Sarah's Knot.

At the Howth Presbyterian Church in Dublin, decorated with delicate pink and white petals scattered all across the isle. with ribbons hung high with lace and all sorts.

A beautiful, memorable wedding was to be held.

The wedding of George and Sarah finally arrived and I was honoured to be invited by them. I knew George through all the Munster Youth worship practices we had, but being invited to his wedding was such a surprise and it's officially the first Irish wedding I've ever been to :]

All dressed to impress, the people started flooding in. Guys in their suits, girls shivering in their dresses and thin scarves. Isn't it so unfair how guys can look smart and terrific yet wear 3 layers of clothes and girls can't exactly pad up on a dress.

A few of the guys from Ennis were there like Stewie who looked absolutely dashing in his bright green star earring, which should have been pink, because we all know that's Patrick Star's true colour.
Sven, Bright and a few new friends were made that day as well :).

The ceremony started and there were memory verses being said. Especially the exceedingly famous "Love is patient..Love is kind.." Three great worship songs were sang, my favourite : "Your Love Never Fails".
Vows were said, which led people to tears, and rings were exchanged.

And the much awaited moment finally arrived, which was definitely longer than a second. Cheers were made, photographs were snapped as if from a giant crowd of paparazzi and they finally walked back down the isle, with the background music of Stolen by Dashboard Confessional, hand in hand as 

Mr. and Mrs O'Callaghan.

At first, I wasn't invited to the dinner but thanks to a certain special someone, I was put on the list!
They had tables categorised into different varieties of chocolates such as Praline, Chocolate Caramel and so on. They had a cute plate of assorted chocolates displayed for us to eat.

They even had your name written down on your own personal card!

Sadly Godknows and Shepherd's card remained there with cold seats beside them as both of them were unable to make it to the wedding..Well we ate their share anyway. Snigger. 

The appetizer of Chicken Mushroom Vol-au-Vent came which was extremely scrumptious and creamy. and the puff pastry was fluffy an

A bowl of hot creamy soup with  croutons came and sadly for some reason I began to start feeling full.
I KNOW WHAT A WASTE. If only there was a gadget that just jump started your appetite in a second.

I for some reason forgot to take a photograph of the main course which was sliced meats with a side of potatoes and vegetables. The usual Irish dinner. and an assortment of dainty little desserts arrived. 

A tiny meringue with a strawberry, a square of cheesecake, a mini cream puff and a chocolate biscuit wafer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Speeches were made and stories were heard, and soon after everything was over it was a time for the dance of the newlywed couple. Something I've not seen at a wedding before so it was just magical. Was definitely a night to remember. Heart's left in a puddle by the time I reached home.

Lastly, a big thank you to Louise for bringing me up to Dublin and Elton from bringing me back down to Killaloe at like 2 in the morning while we were like half zombies floating off to sleep.

[and yes I did go to school! Even though I practically slept at three in the morning]

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