Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mumsie's back

Mummy's back from her 6 week holiday in Malaysia together with Uncle Mike. And together with her came the mountains of stuff and the best part was some was for me!

Mum bought me a new Kipling school bag with a matching sleepover bag.
A top from London since she had her transit there.
A whole stack of the photos I asked her to develop as duh they're so much cheaper
A pair of b-e-a-utiful slippers from Vietnam
A box of fried crickets from Thailand... which I shall update more about tomorrow.

Mummy even stopped by my old high school to collect my PMR CERTIFICATE. Which I should have gotten like TWO years ago. Imagine, the results came out two years ago but the certificate just never came. Not like it's really worth anything much, except probably helping me to prove that I know Malay.

And I finally get to lay my hands on the hard copies of my hard work! Since July I got the golden opportunity to be a columnist for the New Sunday Times as a foreign correspondent in Ireland. But as I was in Ireland, I could see were the 2D copies through the internet. So finally I get to see proof in my hands! 

Utterly delighted
Springing with joy

Oh yeah, I even bought Maths and Add Maths workbooks from home. Hilarious how it's bilingual.
Been a long time since I was required to read Malay in my books. Haha.

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