Sunday, 2 October 2011

Munster Youth Shannon

Munster Youth was at Shannon this time and it all began with our very own "Shannon Town Amazing Race"
A total of six teams battling it out at 8 different pit stops around the challenge. But instead of who reached the final challenge the first wins, who did best at all the challenges in total won.

The challenges?
1. Busking at the Town Centre, who can get the most money?
2. Ginormous Connect 4. How many times can you win in 7 minutes?
3. How many football goals could you get in 7 minutes?
4. How many basketball shots could you attain in 7 minutes?
5. How many bible questions could you get right?
6. How fast could the whole team finish off a Mcdonald's sundae each?
7. How many people could you fit in a telephone box [most we got was 8!]
8. How many honks could you score from annoying all the drivers on the road?

The giant Connect Fours were so fun. The night before when we setting it up, I think I played like for an entire hour of rematches between Athiei and I. 
The amount of strategies you could do. The funniest was when you just slot in the "polo" without being allowed to wait to think.

People from Cork, Ennis, Limerick, Kerry all came together and it was great getting to see faces, old and new. Sadly I didn't manage to take part in the games as a player. But well, I did in a different way.

I got to be the attendant at one of the pit stops, and I dare say I got the most comfortable one indeed. Most others had to stand outside in the cold and rain, which yes it did rain halfway. Whereas I got to go into a warm house with a comfy sofa and enjoyed hot cups of coffee with biscuits while grading the contestants.

I got the bible quiz pit stop :] so yeah, self explanatory.

Awkward picture. 
Disturbing on so many levels.
Because they were not posing for it.
Don't get them wrong. They ain't gay, just to clarify lol.
They're just them
Brought my textbooks and all over to study but failed to do so, that's what happens when you have friends all around you. I even played racing video games [which ended in utmost disaster] and I'm proud to say I cooked for other people and they didn't die.


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