Sunday, 9 October 2011

Too much sponge

My weekend was hilarious. Made some new friends at Jamzone, Sunny and Cathal who is by the way an awesome pianist considering he's self taught for only ONE year. Fuish. Played a mad shark game using a large parachute.

Too hard a game to explain. But basically you get dragged under the parachute by 'sharks' grabbing at your legs. Violent I tell you. I got two bruises thanks to that. Super funny though.

Had a Spongebob Marathon together with Athiei and the very much reluctant Shepherd. I just downloaded all 7 seasons of Spongebob. Yes, torrents are addictive. all 7 seasons downloaded in two days! Imagine that. Just spent the entire afternoon watching television. How unhealthy.

Oh! Together with homemade munchies, very first time me making chocolate tiffin. Despite its crumbly nature, it tasted so sinful, in a good way.

Spent my weekend together with the Maglaque's and had a crazy time tinkering with Trent's new iMac and its awesome photo editing features. We spent almost an hour just taking photos. Was even funnier when about 20 of the photos edited everyone else's faces except yours truly.

Big thank you to Elton for bringing me up to Shannon on Friday
and to 
Godknows for bringing me down to Killaloe on Sunday :]

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