Sunday, 16 October 2011


An early morning (so much for sleeping in) as we took off on a journey to ol' Dublin together with Mum, Uncle Mike and Mark. Before zooming off straight to our destination, we stopped by White Waters Mall in Newbridge.

At first I was like OH GOSH SUCH AN AWESOME MALL (drools)
Then...wait a minute...
I'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE (facepalm moment)
Remembered the time in Transition Year when we were allowed to have a stop here to grab our dinner and obviously we just went sprinting all over the mall shopping at the amazing shops

We stopped by the Newbridge Silverware and above it was a mini museum displaying articles, clothes, and many personal items of known stars. And for all you fans out there that recognises the person in the picture, it is indeed one of Michael Jackson's jackets! Authentic. Ain't no replica.

Then, the woman with the best name in the world, Audrey Hepburn.
Many of her outfits she used in movies were on display, which cost the museum thousands to get their hands on them. The Vespa from her movie was there as well. Was pretty awesome to see 

"the most beautiful woman of her century"

We reached the Dublin Grand Canal Theatre slightly earlier than predicted. So time was just spent by the pier watching little birds bobbing their heads up and down...Or the exceptional one who just had its head stuck to his non-existent neck. Was funny to see a non-bobbing head bird. 

And so the show commenced. 
Mamma Mia!
A show which I have seen two years ago when the Australian team came up to Malaysia. As this was a whole different crew, it was still as mesmerizing. All the more when I knew practically every single word from the songs.

The crowd was so enthusiastic with the clapping, singing and just bopping to the music. 

My personal favourite is definitely the one in the photo when they dance to Voulez-vous. The lights, the striking dance moves, the eye-catching flashy/fleshy costumes. It was just utterly breathtaking.

The day ended with a piping hot cup of Ipoh White Coffee made by a Ipoh man himself at one of the Chinese restaurants in Newbridge. 

Thanks to that, my eyes are as big as bulging fresh fish eyes now. 
See what home economics does to me.
How to determine if whole fish is fresh = EYES ARE BULGING.

good night. :D 
P.s. Thank you mumsie for the musical.

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