Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wild indeed,

Wildlife was great! Got to hang out together with Leann and Shauna. Had a bit of a dress up game/lesson today. Where they were required to dress up as 3 different characters. Mr. Nerdy, Miss Emo and as seen in the photo, Little Miss Ghetto.

Had an awesome time at Jamzone as well :D
Sorry Jade that I couldn't make it for your performance at Scoops. I'm sure you sang beautifully! 

A splash of colour came. Blinding my senses. 
My pulse stopped, almost believing it was my brain making this little fantasy happen in front of my eyes. 
Until I opened my mouth to blurt out the most embarrassing words.
Probably causing unneeded confusion due to my own stupidity
A feeling I have not known for a long time.
A smiling heart.

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