Monday, 7 November 2011

Allo? ALLO!?

Aisling facebook-ed me yesterday asking if I would like to watch a play at the University of Limerick. To make it even more interesting was that I would know two of the people in the play. Since it was 4 euro per person, just gave it a go.

Met up with Julie there as well :)

Darragh came along as well. At least I knew there was another person going out on a "school" night. (pfft)
It wasn't the usual hall I would have gone to when watching musicals in UL. It was a lecture hall fitting about 50 people?

There was even free tea, coffee, biccies and orange juice during intermission!
All inclusive of 4 euro.
When using the vending machine, it dropped two chocolate bars instead of one.
Only worked when I did it hahaha!

The play was ALLO ALLO. Which was basically a scene in France being infiltrated by the Germans.
Some of the French accents were superb. but the German accents were just hilarious to listen to.
Jared was in the play! Which I had not known before

The woman I went to see was Vanessa! It was hilarious to see those awkward moments as she's a french maid in the cafe. 

The awkward moment when they're all over each other...waiting for then next scene to commence when it just doesn't.

Ah the awkward face on her :]
You guys were great!

P.s. just found out i have tests throughout the entire week. NICE. -.-

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