Sunday, 6 November 2011

Baskets, Kids, Birthdays, what's not to love?

Who knew that one day I would go to a basketball camp. In my entire life I've never step foot into a sports camp or anything similar to it (cheer not included). But by some weird force of nature, I became a helper at a children's basketball camp which was run by my church !
It was a wonderful adventure being able to just hang out with the kids, teach them how to never give up and give them constant encouragement. But the best part was when they taught me how to believe in myself. After much pleading, they managed to pull me in to play a game of knockout.

And miraculously, I did shoot some hoops. 
Who knew :)

Ireland was having one of its happy days as the sun was just shining above us. Made things all the more awesome when G pulled down the hood of his convertible and blasted his music till the whole neighbourhood knew of our existence :)

Bonded loads with Godwin and Jojo and big up to Godknows for buying sparklers!! I've never played with them since the last Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Although dragon bombs and more were absent, who can not stare in awe at the beauty of shooting sparks!

Wessel had his Italian themed 21st birthday in church and it was magnificent! The decorations, the cake, the food, the atmosphere, the people.

And most importantly
(yeah I know I've already stated this one)

Spaghetti and macaroni with handmade meatballs and bolognaise sause.
Oven-toasted garlic bread
Sliced up tomatoes, lettuce, onions and feta cheese with Italian dressing
Amaretto and Biscotti
Bread sticks
Sliced Baguette with balsamic vinegar
Cheese puffs
Ice cream

Somehow our table ended up with all the Asians. and the occasional Polish (Kamil)! It was hilarious. We had our never ending racist jokes. Which yes, I should really stop. I made a deal with me, myself and I to try and cut down on the sarcasm. Meh.

Cover of Jessie J - Who You Are 

Kesiah and Godknows had a surprise performance for Wessel and this didn't really have any practice as G made the rap just 10 minutes before the party :) 

There was SOOOOOOOOOOO much more to update about. Like Jamzone, Wildlife, Sunday School Teacher's Training and going up to Ennis to join their youth group for that day. But time is lacking and I really should focus on more important things, like packing my school bag.

[nerd mode]


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