Wednesday, 16 November 2011

modnar is random backwords.

It's actually fascinating to see how a relationship status can cause a flooding of facebook notifications over a day or two. Not saying I hate the attention ( it was pretty exhilarating seeing all the random comments especially from those who should be studying due to their SPM exams ahem!)

I really should get off Facebook more.
Blame the Blackberry, it's a walking Facebook!
And every second for the past few days have been utter bliss :)

Just realised I have not really blogged about this little guy.
So here's
The latest addition to the family, a 9-week-old Labrador pup which is the definition of adorable
He's been named after Hachiko, the dog that was a legend in Japan for being possibly the most loyal dog on earth.

Hachi means 8
Ko means prince

Fun facts :]

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