Sunday, 27 November 2011

Munster Youth Tralee

Munster Youth made its way down to Tralee this time. A bus full of people with one thing in common, loving Jesus. So from Ennis to Shannon to Limerick to Adare picking people up on the way and finally arriving at Aquadome in Tralee. First time our 'games' time for Munster Youth was turned into a splashy event in the Aquadome.

I didn't participate in the water due to a purse full of moths. But as I've gone before with my class I already knew what it was like. The long winding water slide that stated the speed of your swoosh down, and you could even try a million times to beat your own score.

Instead, the people who didn't go swimming ended up just chilling in the cafe and for my case, snapping photos (with permission from the administration mind you) And I had to make sure that I took no other people who weren't part of our group or else I'd be in HUGE trouble. We even got little plastic bags to cover our shoes in case we slipped on the watery parts. 

We arrived at the church, set up, got something to eat, and had a great time of worship. Well, for me at least. The message was given by Rob, who talked about Love. About how the world's definition love is so unstable, nothing like God's love. The world's love is all about lust, what's in it for me, whereas God's love is all about true love with sacrifice and it doesn't change. Love isn't just a feeling. It's more than that.

Had an awesome time on the 2-3 hour bus ride to and fro. Thankfully the pills stopped me from hurling (woooo!) Had a great time together with everyone :) Best part was smuggling all the hot food onto the bus. Can you believe we got a whole lasagna for 2 euro. SuperValu's awesome. Big thank you to Ath for that and especially the Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

I love you :)

Christmas is around the corner
Christmas Fairs, Lights, Colours, Winter is coming soon!

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