Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Playing A Different Role.

Never knew I'd wear the very uniform I wore when I was 14 in Cheer 2008 Malaysia again. As it was Halloween decided to take it out of the closet and YES I CAN STILL FIT. (wipes sweat off forehead). Realised how much I missed cheerleading and even started to watch Youtube cheer videos from this years competition.

Went out with mumsie today and got some school shoes for me :) The typical wet Irish weather has been wrecking my shoes and they've become rather holey. Decided to try out the new Italian restaurant that opened opposite Eddie Rockets in The Crescent and it was absolutely delicious!

THE CALAMARI WAS SO GOOD. Cheesy pesto sauce. mmmmm.
Oh..and the warm melty chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream made you feel all happy inside.

Then the legendary moment when I wore the 3D glasses over my own glasses (awkward to the max) to watch the best historical movie ever. It was produced the year I was born, and now it's making its comeback.


Together with mum, I travelled back to my childhood, one of my favourite movies of all time. I remember picking that movie when I was undergoing my thumb amputation to watch in the hospital. 

Laughed till my tummy ached, the fact that I knew bits and pieces of the script and all the songs too. Was just extremely fun.


Oh yeah, updates on my surgery!
My face has thankfully gone down to its original size.
Chewing is still done by my two front teeth, but occasionally using my molars. 
Medication intake is coming to an end tomorrow (cheers)
The pain has subsided as well. Well if I was able to open my mouth that wide to take that photo, it's becoming much better.

If you look closely you can see the stitches !
Couldn't capture the top stitches though :]

Hope I grossed you out.
Toodles, noodles.

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