Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sorah's & Charmaine's 18th

Charmaine and Isorah 
celebrated their 18th birthday together looking like absolutely gorgeous princesses. It was like a wedding literally! Flower girls, a guy by their side, 20 full tables of guests with decorations galore at Oakwood Arms.

Thanks to Isorah, I was invited :]

The wallpaper of photoshooting. Took a million photos of random poses the entire time while we were waiting outside the ballroom. Mostly my camera managed to get entirely flooded with photographs of both Stuey and Shep.

Finally more and more guests began to fill up the room and we were assigned to our respective tables..although we kept table hopping and some tables were awkwardly overcrowded while others looked rather empty.

Racist jokes began to start among ourselves, you know how you can somehow get away with insulting your own race, since you're indirectly insulting yourself and it ends in laughter anyway. Did loads of catching up with friends I haven't seen for awhile, and made new ones as well :)

The dances began to start and since there were two birthday girls, both of them did it together at the same time. And as the tradition goes, 18 Roses represent the 18 closest guys.

and Charmaine's 18th rose : Jhuly

Isorah's 18th rose on the other hand was Gustav! The dances were just so heart melting, so many of the songs chosen were some of my favourites. Especially So Close - Jon McLaughlin from Enchanted. Ah my eyes were tearing up.

Our rumbling tummies were extremely satisfied with the range of food that was provided there. 
Sitting between Shep & Stuwey, I kept hearing the words, " I miss my girl " which didn't exactly make me feel all that happy either cos then I started to miss someone else. So basically 3 of us were just moping there like rabbits. Funny rabbits.

The princess cakes came out and the change of dresses as well. they changed their dresses THRICE throughout the night. Imagine that! 

Now it was time for the 18 Candles - representing the 18 closest girls to the birthday girls.
I was honoured to be chosen as one of Isorah's candles. A short 1 minute speech of our friendship and how awesome the birthday girl is and one by one all the candles were blown.

The dance floor was opened and the music was abooming. Suddenly I felt two cold hands covering my eyes from behind. People advised me not to fidget. I heard Shep's voice and figured out he was the one behind me, which added all the more to the utmost confusion. 

When his hands left, and I opened my eyes, Athiei was there, who previously told me he wouldn't even come :) So yeah, an awesome possum surprise.

Dancefloor was hilariously fun as I loveeee dancing. All the more when you're with crazy friends as well. Watching the other people dance was pure entertainment as well. Some were really really hilarious. Some were extremely good at dancing though. You just wondered how people could just dance so effortlessly!


Then Ath asked the words which made me go all tomatoey-red. And I said yes. And so, it's official. I'm going out with Ath. A big thank you for Shep who planned the dance for us at the end of the party. Pushing both of us out on the dance floor while making everyone else leave it and changing the disco music to a slow song. Never ever have I had something so romantic.

Here's to a whole new beginning.
Leaving the past behind.
Embracing the present.
Expecting the future.

12th November 2011.

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