Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Speak it, Believe it, Win it.

With trembling hands with 9 brightly coloured flashcards. Typed out neatly in separate paragraphs with individual headings, I headed out to Ennis together with Sean, Claudia and Ms. Mcdonnell.

Mental Health Ireland was having their Public Speaking Competition for Secondary school students. A month ago when I heard about it, I wondered that it would be handy to try and boost my self esteem, thus I entered it mainly with the aim to get my head around speaking in front of a crowd.

As I went with expectations of overcoming my fear, I returned with a much greater reward. Who knew that we would actually return being the champion in Co. Clare. Of course, this isn't the National Finals and in fact there's still the Regionals and the Semi-finals to go through ( by God's grace if I even get there )

It was definitely an interesting experience. Of course I felt the swarm of butterflies in my stomach, but at least I managed to keep them in there without flying out of me. Big thank you to Ms Mcdonnell for spending so much time giving us tips and pointers of how to improve ourselves and also to Claudia for jumping in the place of Ronia just over the last weekend. 

And obviously,
Big thank you to GOD for giving me the ability to accomplish what I just did :)

Also! The auditions for the lead parts for the musical I'm in, Beauty and the Beast will be next week!
Unfortunately thanks to me being a girl and my age, the only possible roles to try out for are
Belle (The main character who must have a flawless voice and superb acting skills) and Babette (the silent flirtatious feather duster).

Hahaha this is going to be interesting.
Just gonna try auditioning for both, not hoping for much, but hey, who knows ;)?

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