Thursday, 3 November 2011

Youth Citizenship Awards 11 - Love and Pizza

Boarded the bus with a bunch of humans on the journey to Dublin to support the Killaloe Community Youth Centre Group as they made it to the top 10 finals in Ireland for the Youth Citizenship Awards! Awesome bus buddy was Aisling, which I haven't seen in ages. And basically the ride was spent screaming and singing all the way there.

We arrived to an extremely congested and claustrophobic place as the other 9 teams brought many supporters along with them as well. Best part was that the doors to the auditorium wasn't even open yet thus, MORE CONGESTION!

The actual people involved in the Killaloe group (minus all we screaming supporters with awesome handpainted banners I must add) and they're team had focused their project on Domestic abuse and how 1 in every 5 families in Ireland experience it. They had earlier in the year launched an art exhibition expressing their concern and it was pretty awesome.

These was all of us! I am proud to say I hand painted two of those banners (just 2 hours before the bus ride). And the groups name was NRG by the way. Which sounded more like ENERGY. haha It was great craic getting to know new people around.

Finally the doors were opened and we saw the magnificent stage and it felt like I was at the Kids Choice Awards or something (first time I've ever gone to this kind of event). Music was ablasting, and you could see all the other teams just settling down bringing their own banners and such.

Despite our group having one of the least supporters, we were definitely by a landslide, the noisiest group around. We stomped, cheered, sang, stood up, danced, did our own Mexican waves and caused the most havoc! So proud to be part of that group :D

Special performances came after every interval and little did I know I'd ever get to see Jedward live. They're the famous Irish twins with their famous hairdos, who were one of the winners of X Factor. Never fancied them, but felt cool anyway being able to see them live. Their voices were fine, but I got to say their dance moves were ALL OVER the place.

Ryan Sheridan
who was a terrific singer with his guitar and his partner was terrific on the cajon!
His hands were just moving at lightning speed and it was an amazing performance. 

Definitely my favourite performance out of the three. I was absolutely blown away by their moves and who knew I would get to see one of the finalists of Britain's Got Talent!

I managed to catch their video of the dance so here ya go!

After watching all the 10 videos of each teams review of their projects. They were all amazing to say the least. One group even raised 25,000 euro and went to Zambia to help out the children there! That was definitely WOAH. But the winner was the


We cheered on for Orla, our beautiful spokeswoman, even after the results were announced.
Definitely the best supporters our group had :]

There was a disco at the end of the event and this was definitely the first time I've actually been to one. Well I've gone for dancing and stuff, which was similar to I.U. Day back home with the dancefloor. But it was pretty fun, since I was with Ais and the gang. Other than that...many of the others were so young (I felt so old gosh) 

Felt extremely freaked out when a 14 year old asked me if I could meet him.

Meet in Irish terms mean, lock lips.
Even the idea of 'meeting' someone you don't even know makes me wanna puke.

But anyway, the dancing was great fun :]

Main humans I hung out with for the day made it extra hilarious :]
It's 2.40 am and I gotta get up at 8 so, yes I better hit the sack.
Photos all up on Facebook!

Man the last time I did these kind of elongated posts was AGGGEESS ago.
(happy smile)

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